Archer Aviation Services offer project management for the aviation industry from inception to commission of your project. Our team offer turnkey services for airline start up, aviation business startup or capital projects including investment if required.

We work closely with your team to establish the parameters of the project and then issue a “Project Manual” for all stakeholders to follow during the project through the stages of work. Our team consists of engineers, legal advisors, finance and we have partnerships with construction industry for major capital projects. Archer will assist you to:

  • Establish the scope of the project, steering committee and project management handbook.
  • Create initial budget and business plan.
  • Consultation with suppliers and relevant authorities.
  • Management of the application process required certification.
  • Lease / purchase negotiation.
  • Business and VAT registration.
  • Import and customs management.
  • Acquisition of appropriate personnel.
  • Acquisition of appropriate property and equipment.
  • Negotiation and contracting necessary support services.
  • Ongoing business plan and budget.
  • Handover of project for operation.

Regardless of the size or scale of your project Archer Aviation Services can assist from inception, investment to management and operation.